Seven Square Miles

72 mins. 2020. directed by LJ Frizell



A community activist and police detective collaborate to reduce gun crime in a small New Jersey town by using an innovative model of policing that supports rather than punishes those at risk for re-entering the criminal justice system.

Official Selection:

What People Are Saying:

“…a prescient film today as the nation reckons with the meaning of calls to defund the police and the search for alternatives to the systemic racial inequities of the carceral system… a remarkable film.”
Renee Tajima-Pena Oscar Nominee/Director Who Killed Vincent Chin

“Seven Square Miles powerfully reveals conditions of poverty and limited opportunity that give rise to community tensions that draw in police. (It) comes at a precise moment of heightened relevance and impact by showing what human compassionate community based policing looks like”
Jay Craven Filmmaker /Director Sarah Lawrence College Filmmaking & Moving Image Arts Program

“The film possesses a remarkable intimacy with its subjects.”
Charlies Musser
Filmmaker/Professor Yale Film & Media Studies Program

“…we can’t arrest our way out of this problem” Alexis Durlacher Trenton NJ Police Detective


Alexis Durlacher Trenton Police Detective

Abdul Mohammed Community Activist

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